Issues newly fixed in MPS release 1.109.0

Job Priority Title
job001811 optional MPS AMC small nailed objects risk big retention by placement after big objects
job001935 essential MPS DLL link error: mps_arena_vm_growth is not exported
job001934 essential MPS VC9 build failure C4996: getenv considered insecure
job001989 essential MPS _gc_start messages may cause assert or infinite loop
job001570 optional MPS _gc_start messages may change while client reads them, or be silently skipped
job001945 essential MPS buildsys CONFIG_PF_* does not select a platform, is not checked by mpstd.h
job002209 essential MPS client cannot determine pool or format, given object address
job001968 essential MPS clients get no synchronous alert of collection begin/end
job002205 essential MPS collection runs too slow if client allocates big objects
job001969 essential MPS gc-start and -end messages give no idea of timing
job001944 essential MPS lacks separate w3i3m9 platform for building with VC9 (Microsoft Visual C++ 9.0)
job001966 optional MPS mpsi_check() does not check message type constants
job001936 essential MPS: Configura releases are missing .def file needed to re-export MPS functions
job002148 essential MPS: mps_lib_callback_register breaks .def file for re-exporting MPS functions