Issues newly fixed in MPS release 1.104.0

Job Priority Title
job000415 essential several reference manual entries omit arena arguments
job000441 critical PoolAMC sometimes fails !arena->insideShield check
job000462 essential PoolAWL only works for Dylan objects.
job000502 essential PoolAWL doesn't work with auto_header formats
job000506 essential PoolAMS doesn't work with auto-header formats
job000531 essential MPS doesn't have "incremental step" function for clients
job000534 essential No varieties are doing any checking
job000535 essential Interior ambiguous pointers can give PoolAMS a headache
job000544 essential Reference manual mentions a number of obsolete symbols
job000545 optional mpstd.h defines unused symbol MPS_T_SHORT for some platforms
job000546 essential MPS docs say P4DTI instead of MPS
job000599 essential MPS doesn't build on Mac OS X 10.2
job000601 essential MPS compile fails under Mac OS X 10.2
job000604 essential MPS doesn't work with gcc 2.96
job000646 essential Builds on FreeBSD stopped working
job000647 essential mps_arena_step disregards its argument
job000648 essential Should make wi variety with the other default varieties
job000649 essential No way to just start a world-collection
job000741 essential Should be able to use mps_arena_has_addr from a heap walking function
job000813 essential Can't access memory without hitting MPS protection barrier.