Issues newly fixed in MPS release 1.110.0

Job Priority Title
job000547 essential Reference manual has lots of missing spaces
job001084 essential MPS does not build with "sh configure;make;make install"
job001105 essential MPS doesn't compile on FreeBSD current [fill in version here]
job001158 essential variety design does not meet requirements of open-source MPS
job001255 nice MPS is broken, at least on Mac OS X 10.4.2
job001383 essential MPS lacks example GC code - a "hello-world with GC" for beginners
job001395 essential MPS build failure on Linux with glibc 2.3: wrong defines before system includes
job001543 optional MPS mpsicv (test) on OS X does not use reg&stack scanner.
job001544 optional MPS mpsicv coverage test source does not have ifndef CONFIG_PF_XCI3GC
job001634 optional MPS fails under Rosetta.
job001635 essential On Unix, signal handler is not installed correctly.
job001636 essential Too much Unix code is dangerously copied and not shared.
job002171 essential MPS: obsolete mpsdy.dll and mpslibcb mechanism is still present in builds and source
job002257 optional MPS (diagnostic variety only) floating point exception after a collection