Issues fixed in MPS master sources since release 1.117.0

This table lists the defects fixed in the MPS master sources at changelevel 9999999 which might be present in release 1.117.0 (at changelevel 194779).

Job Priority Title
job004165 critical MPS is to be BSD 2-clause licenced.
job000546 essential MPS docs say P4DTI instead of MPS
job000602 essential Mac OS X 10.2 build fails because "cabs" is already defined
job000668 essential Build procedure uses p4 counter change which is unsafe
job000973 essential MPS doesn't compile under Mac OS X 10.3.4
job001367 essential MPS lacks walkthrough example code (aka "hello-world") for beginners
job003434 essential Incorrect glossary link from "committed" to "mapping"
job003469 essential CET can't safely make use of the top 2GiB of memory on 32-bit Windows
job003674 essential Hysteresis overwhelmed by allocation
job004043 essential Assertion failure in apss on xci3ll
job004108 essential MPS does not build with Xcode 10.0
job004113 essential MPS does not compile with GCC 7.3
job004156 essential MPS does not compile with GCC 8.3
job004162 essential MPS does not compile with Clang 6.0.0
job001150 optional MPS doesn't provide enough feedback information about what it is doing or what it has done
job003960 optional No way to get live information about the behaviour of the MPS
job003992 optional MAX_SIZE means different things to MV and MVT pools
job004102 optional arenaFreeLandInsertSteal might pass an empty range to LandInsert
job004161 optional tagtest fails on lii6gc
job004163 optional Scheme example does not build with Clang 11
job001369 nice MPS proc/release-build omits step: update main MPS index page
job001384 nice MPS unclear constraints on avgSize argument to PoolMV mps_pool_create
job003918 nice MVInit can fail without destroying its block pool
job004081 nice Event descriptions are in a mess
job004101 nice Plain CBS doesn't work
job004104 nice fotest fails with "arena commit limit exceeded"
job004107 nice Debugging chapter is out of date
job004109 nice Hash table advice does not mention sets
job004147 nice MMQA test function/167.c fails on w3i6mv
job004148 nice MMQA relies on deprecated API mps_tramp
job004164 nice Warning from GCC