MPS issue job000668

TitleBuild procedure uses p4 counter change which is unsafe
Assigned userDavid Jones
DescriptionThe MPS build procedure recommends that you use "p4 counter
change" to get the current changelevel. This however might
include changes that have not yet been submitted. Which means
that using that changelevel twice (for a sync for example) might
not get you the same results as someone could have submitted
their change in the mean time.
AnalysisBecause p4 counter change includes unsubmitted changes.

This defecet probably exists in other Ravenbrook projects'
release build procedures.
How foundinspection
Created byDavid Jones
Created on2003-02-17 10:48:24
Last modified byGareth Rees
Last modified on2010-10-07 11:16:16
History2003-02-17 DRJ created.


Change Effect Date User Description
81204 closed 2004-03-03 11:32:36 Richard Brooksby Fixing all the release build procedures to use "p4 changes -m 1" rather than "p4 counter change" to determine the release changelevel, so that they can't be fooled by pending changelists on the version branch.