MPS issue job000812

TitleMPS crashes Mysteriously with Win2K / Office XP
Assigned userDavid Jones
DescriptionInitially reported by Configura as mysterious crash when
using lots of memory. Subsequently found to be a problem
using the MPS on a machine that is running Windows 2000 and
has Office XP installed.
AnalysisIt turns out that there is a Microsoft thing installed with
Office XP called ctfmon.exe that disrupts everything in some
mysterious way.

A workaround is to remove all MPS protection whilst processing
CTFMON messages. See job000813


This turned out to be because CTFMON installs a non-cooperating
exception handler and Configura's app handles events and
callbacks, which use the MPS, without ensuring an MPS protection
barrier is present. The fix, now implemented at Configura, is
to have the event handler also jump through the MPS trampoline.
This completely fixes the problem and has adequate performance.

See mail thread that includes [6], [7], and [8]

Status -> suspended as this is no longer a problem.
How foundcustomer
EvidenceInitial report:
[1] //
[2] //
The evil discovered:
[3] //
Wants more control over what MPS does with memory:
[4] //
Microsoft KB
[5] <URL:;en-us;Q313176>
Configura finally solve it:
[6] //
[7] //
[8] //
Observed in1.101.0
Created byDavid Jones
Created on2003-11-04 09:43:40
Last modified byGareth Rees
Last modified on2012-10-22 12:56:54
History2003-11-04 DRJ created
2004-03-05 DRJ suspended (no longer required)