MPS issue job001421

TitleMPS default "all" build omits plinth (mpsplan.a/.lib) and (on w3) mps.lib
Assigned userRichard Kistruck
DescriptionMPS default "all" build omits plinth (mpsplan.a/.lib) and (on w3) mps.lib

RHSK 2006-05-31
The MPS default "all" build should build helpful stuff. Currently
on Unix-like (including Mac) it only builds mps.a -- it should
also build mpsplan.a. Currently on Windows it doesn't build
either -- it should build both.
AnalysisRHSK 2006-05-31
It would have been neater to fix this as part of job001352
"...mps.a includes plinth (it should not)" -- my mistake.
To fix:
  comm.gmk: add "mpsplan.a" to "all" target.
  commpost.nmk: add "mps.lib mpsplan.lib" to "all" target.
How foundunknown
Observed in1.106.2
Created byRichard Kistruck
Created on2006-05-31 16:53:04
Last modified byRichard Kistruck
Last modified on2006-05-31 16:59:52
History2006-05-31 RHSK Created.


Change Effect Date User Description
158999 closed 2006-05-31 16:58:03 Richard Kistruck MPS: add mpsplan.a to "all" target; add mps.lib and mpsplan.lib to "all" target