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TitleMPS lacks documentation on how to use allocation points
Assigned userRichard Kistruck
DescriptionMPS lacks documentation on how to use allocation points

RHSK 2006-06-08
The [Reference Manual] does not document:
AnalysisRHSK 2006-06-08
Collect documentation here, and migrate it to Wiki or the
Reference Manual as it becomes mature enough.

Here's a start:

Some pool classes (eg LO) only support allocation through
allocation points.

Allocation points require the reserved size to be aligned to the
pool alignment (see AVER in mps_ap_fill), whereas mps_alloc does
not (it is up to the pool class, and poolmv for example does
SizeAlignUp on the size argument).

Normally, use mps_reserve and mps_commit.

If you are using a very weak compiler that does not detect common
subexpressions, you may find that replacing mps_reserve by
MPS_RESERVE_BLOCK (functionally identical) generates faster code.
Or it may generate slower code. It depends on your compiler, and
you will have to conduct tests to find out.

RHSK 2007-01-04
(2006-06-22, change 159369)
New wiki article: manual/wiki/apguide.html "Allocation Points -- User's Guide"
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