MPS issue job001569

TitleMPS lacks internal documentation for Shield abstraction
Assigned userRichard Kistruck
DescriptionMPS lacks internal documentation for Shield abstraction

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  [request.mps.170603] (pre-Ravenbrook): <>

RHSK 2006-12-27
Internal design document "design.mps.shield" never existed.
AnalysisRHSK 2006-12-27
Write design.mps.shield, ie. mps/design/shield/index.html.
How foundunknown
EvidenceRHSK 2006-12-27
[request.mps.170603] <>
And mps/design/shield/ is missing.
Observed in1.107.0
Created byRichard Kistruck
Created on2006-12-27 15:18:57
Last modified byRichard Kistruck
Last modified on2006-12-27 15:21:46
History2006-12-27 RHSK Created.


Change Effect Date User Description
161321 closed 2006-12-21 10:52:42 Richard Kistruck MPS integ from br/unfixed-summary:
MPS design/shield: write a guide, plus links to initial ideas.
MPS mps.h: (comment-only) Clarify that format class A and B are alive and well. It's only the _typename_ "mps_fmt_[AB]_t" that is deprecated, and mps_fmt_[AB]_s* should be used instead. (The old terse "deprecated" mislead me every time I saw it).
MPS design/message: (cosmetic) centred h1 doc-title "MPS to Client Message Protocol"
161311 closed 2006-12-19 14:01:23 Richard Kistruck  MPS design/shield: Guide, plus links to initial ideas.
161307 open 2006-12-19 10:13:14 Richard Kistruck MPS design/shield: (update from design/message for html tweaks)
161305 open 2006-12-19 10:01:05 Richard Kistruck MPS design/shield: write a guide (copying the "guide + initialdesign" layout of dessign/message)