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TitleWeakness is not well documented.
Assigned userGareth Rees
DescriptionWeakness is not well documented.

The documentation has precious little to say about weakness. Even
basic things like what the semantics of a weak reference are are

We need documentation for:
- description of weak reference semantics, and in particular that all
  weak references get splatted together*.
- how weakness interacts with finalization
- different sorts of weakness (if we implement them)
- what is weakness good for?
- implementing part-weak part-strong hash tables (because its a common

Possible we need subjobs for these things as we decide to do them.
That's okay.
AnalysisDecide what we want the behaviour to be, document it.

* See [1]. It turns out that there is a defect in the MPS that can cause it to not splat all weak references to some object atomically (job001666). I believe lack of documentation may have contributed to the defect.

GDR 2012-11-01: For now, I've documented that weak references may die at different times.
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Created on2007-06-27 12:30:02
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