MPS issue job001887

TitleMPS mps_arena_committed() is wrong when using mps_arena_class_cl (client arena)
Assigned userRichard Brooksby
DescriptionMPS mps_arena_committed() is wrong when using mps_arena_class_cl (client arena)

RHSK 2008-08-06
(See gc2.c#3 in Evidence)
When using mps_arena_class_cl (client arena), mps_arena_committed()
returns an incorrect value. The value is fixed (may be approximately
16KB). The value does not change, regardless of how much memory the
client allocates.
AnalysisRHSK 2008-08-06
It is not clear how _committed, _spare_committed, and _reserved should
behave in a client arena. Client arenas do not in fact reserve or
commit pages. This needs discussion.

However, it is clearly incorrect behaviour for _committed to return
this incorrect value.
How foundunknown
Observed in1.108.2
Created byRichard Kistruck
Created on2008-08-06 13:34:10
Last modified byGareth Rees
Last modified on2014-10-13 23:36:26
History2008-08-06 RHSK Created.
2013-03-19 GDR Assigned to RB.


Change Effect Date User Description
187093 closed 2014-09-30 20:04:35 Gareth Rees Document the behaviour of committed (memory marked as in use) and spare_committed (always zero) in the client arena class.
Account for (and check) committed memory in the client arena class.
Can't check arena->committed <= arena->reserved in ArenaCheck, but can in ClientArenaCheck.
Rename ClientFree to ClientArenaFree to match the naming convention elsewhere.