MPS issue job003671

TitleNon-moving pools don't make best use of zones
Assigned userRichard Brooksby
DescriptionAutomatically managed but non-moving pool classes (AMS, AWL, LO) share zone allocation policy with moving pool classes (AMC, AMCZ). But this does not make sense. For example, mark-and-sweep pools classes like AMC may prefer to rotate the objects around a set of zones to avoid to having to reconsider objects that survived a recent collection.
AnalysisHave separate zone allocation policy for moving and non-moving pool classes.
How foundinspection
EvidenceNone as yet
Created byGareth Rees
Created on2014-01-30 15:44:49
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Last modified on2014-01-30 15:44:49
History2014-01-30 GDR Created.