MPS issue job003693

TitleThe "method" suffix on MPS types is applied too widely
Assigned userGareth Rees
DescriptionThe suffix "Method" has drifted from its original meaning in the MPS, and has come to mean "function type". The idea was that "methods" are function pointers used in "class" structures only.
AnalysisA general renaming cleanup will be required, along with a design note explaining what this is supposed to mean, to prevent future drift.
How foundinspection
Created byRichard Brooksby
Created on2014-03-11 13:30:12
Last modified byGareth Rees
Last modified on2014-10-10 20:10:45
History2014-03-11 RB Created.


Change Effect Date User Description
187159 closed 2014-10-07 23:48:55 Gareth Rees Use the Method suffix only for methods in classes; use Visitor or Function for other kinds of functions.
New document guide.impl.c.naming sets out the rules for naming.