MPS issue job003792

TitleAMS and AWL don't update summaries of condemned segments
Assigned userGareth Rees
DescriptionScans of condemned (white) AMS and AWL segments are always "partial" scans, and so the summary of the segment is never updated. This may result in unnecessary scanning (because the MPS always thinks the segment might refer to the white set).
AnalysisIt would be possible for AMS and AWL to maintain a "running" summary in the segment. Whiten would set the running summary to RefSetEMPTY. Scan would union the running summary with the references found in the scan. Finally in Reclaim the running summary could be passed to SegSetSummary.

A slight wrinkle here is that this running summary would have to be per-trace. RB suggests that we could store a RefSet runningSummary[TraceLIMIT] in the segment. (Since TraceLIMIT is 1 at present, this doesn't waste space.)
How foundinspection
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