MPS issue job003858

TitleAllocating segments in control pool has a bad complexity
Assigned userDavid Lovemore
DescriptionThe MV control pool can have a bad complexity when allocating segment descriptor. This has caused MVSpanAlloc to show up in profiles see job003701 and job003812.
AnalysisIf lots of Seg's are allocated in the MV control pool, many spans are created, and it takes linear time to loop over full spans during allocation.

We could try replacing the control pool with MVFF, or using MFS for segment allocation.
How foundunknown
Evidence[1] job003701
[2] job003812.
[3] "Control pool tuning" <>
Test proceduremanual_test
Created byDavid Lovemore
Created on2014-07-04 15:08:10
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