MPS issue job003894

TitleIntrinsic functions not used on Windows
Assigned userGareth Rees
Descriptionconfig.h contains the code:

    #if defined(MPS_PF_W3I3MV)
    /* MSVC on Intel inlines mem* when optimizing */
    #define mps_lib_memset(p, c, l) memset(p, c, l)
    #define mps_lib_memcpy(p, q, s) memcpy(p, q, s)
    #define mps_lib_memcmp(p, q, s) memcmp(p, q, s)

This has two problems:

1. It's only for w3i3mv: what about w3i6mv?

2. Does Visual C really inline the mem* functions? The documentation [1] suggests that you need to specify the /Oi option to the compiler.
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Created on2014-10-20 22:35:09
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