MPS issue job003954

TitleArena allocation policy does not interact intelligently with the reserve pool
Assigned userRichard Brooksby
DescriptionWhen trying to allocate a tract in an arena, we attempt a series of methods (see design/strategy#.policy.alloc.impl): Plan A looks in non-blacklisted preferred zones. Plan B looks in preferred zones plus non-blacklisted free zones. Plan C attempts to grow the arena and, if that succeeds, retries plan A and plan B. Plan D looks in all non-blacklisted zones. Plan E looks in all zones. How many of these plans to attempt should probably be controlled somehow - for instance so it can interact with the reserve pool. NB 2015-09-09
AnalysisPolicy for deploying the reserve pool should be pulled into policy.c as a first step.
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Created on2016-02-27 00:20:01
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190000 closed 2016-03-13 20:34:01 Richard Brooksby Basic removal of the reservoir pool from code and design.

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