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TitleMistakes and omissions in the manual
Assigned userGareth Rees
Description"Finalization" [1] typo: "robust against be closed" for "robust against being closed".

"Arenas" [2] refers to mps_telemetry_control in the introduction but this function is deprecated.

Deprecation notice for mps_root_create_table_masked [3] cross-references the non-existent function mps_root_create_area_masked. It looks as if mps_root_create_thread_tagged was intended.

Deprecation notice for mps_stack_scan_ambig [4] suggests using mps_root_create_thread, but it looks as if mps_root_create_thread_tagged was intended.

"Plinth" [5] refers to mps_telemetry_control but this is deprecated. Looks as if MPS_TELEMETRY_CONTROL is the right reference.

"Plinth" [5] typo: "significant" for "significance".

mps_fmt_pad_t [6] has incorrect indentation.

Object format cautions [7] point 5 could mention exceptions as an example of a non-local exit. Also, this refers to mps_fix but that function is deprecated.

"Thread registration" [8] says, "For simplicity, we recommend that a thread must be registered". It would be clearer just to write, "A thread must be registered".

"Finalization Cautions" [9] says, "but you can iterate over the list"; "list" should be "table".

"Creating dependencies" [10] says, "This means that it is not possible". Better to avoid "This means that".

Reservoir functions (mps_ap_fill_with_reservoir_permit, mps_reservoir_limit_set, mps_reservoir_limit, mps_reservoir_available, mps_reserve_with_reservoir_permit, MPS_RESERVE_WITH_RESERVOIR_PERMIT_BLOCK) were all deprecated in release 1.115, but the "Deprecation" section does not mention them.

"Porting" [11] says, "until that there is no further need". Remove "that".

design.mps.prot.sol.sync [12] says, "If memory protection is not available, only way". Missing "the".

design.critical-path [13] has bogus index directive.
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