MPS issue job004081

TitleEvent descriptions are in a mess
Assigned userGareth Rees
DescriptionThe event definitions [1] have some outstanding to-do items:

1. "TODO: Rather than commenting them [unused events] out, we should leave them in and mark them in some other way, because this header is used by event decoders and they still want to decode those events. RB 2012-09-07"

2. "TODO: Add a doc string to each event type."

3. "TODO: Add a doc string to each parameter."

4. Additionally, a mistake in change 182553 led to the omission of event codes 0x007A-0x007F.
AnalysisThe rollover of the major version number as a result of the work on job001150 means that we could clear-out unused event codes and renumber the remaining events.

To solve (1), I note that each event code has an "always" parameter which is a Boolean. We could make this a tristate with values Always, Coolonly, Never.
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Created on2018-06-27 10:45:23
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