MPS issue job004093

TitlePredicted mortality is bogus for collection of the world
Assigned userGareth Rees
DescriptionThere are two ways in which some memory can be condemned for a trace. In the case of policyCondemnChain the predicted mortality is computed based on the mortality of each condemned generation. But in the case of TraceStartCollectAll the predicted mortality is based on the mortality of the arena's top generation only, ignoring all the other generations that are also condemned for the trace.
AnalysisIf condemning the world were implemented by condemning all generations in all chains (plus the top generation) then it would be straightforward to implement the same computation as policyCondemnChain (or to share the code for the computation which would be even better).
How foundinspection
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Created on2018-07-11 21:20:09
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