Memory Pool System Versions

1. Introduction

This document lists the product versions for the Memory Pool System project. (See [RB 1999-05-20] for a discussion of master sources, versions, and releases.)

This document will be updated as new versions are created.

The readership of this document is anyone interested in the project.

This document is not confidential.

2. Versions

Version Releases Origin Overview Perforce links
1.118 554513b Merging Configura customizations with the public MPS. version branch
1.117 1.117.0 master/...@194755 Fork-safety on Unix platforms. base
1.116 1.116.0 master/...@192370 Automatic measurement of generation mortality. Support for postmortem debugging. base
1.115 1.115.0 master/...@190714 Client control over pause times, with significant performance improvements on OS X and Linux. Flexible scanning of tagged references. Clang support on FreeBSD. base
1.114 1.114.0 master/...@186836 Improvements to performance and flexibility. base
1.113 1.113.0 master/...@184830 Improved interface to generation chains. base
1.112 1.112.0 master/...@183961 New platform lli6ll. /LARGEADDRESSAWARE on Windows. Threads on OS X. base
1.111 1.111.0 master/...@181615 Complete user documentation. Improved telemetry tools. base
1.110 1.110.0 master/...@179404
  • 64-bit is here!
  • Major updates to support modern versions of Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and FreeBSD; dropped support for other operating systems.
  • Major updates to support 64-bit variants of all platforms.
  • Redesign of MPS build bringing significant performance improvements using global optimisation.
  • Redesign of MPS integration allowing source-level mixing and optimisation with client code.
  • Update to telemetry system allowing in-core logging and backtraces of recent events.
  • Improved compaction of virtual memory usage at the end of collection cycles.
  • Simple GNU autoconf support.
  • Improved initial experience: readme, build notes, etc.
1.109 1.109.0 1.109.1 master/...@169933 Baseline for vmem and collection scheduling improvements. base
1.108 1.108.0 1.108.1 1.108.2 master/...@162803 Less-delayed finalization. Fix incorrect assert when memory is low. More Mac OS X functionality. Build on Linux and FreeBSD 5.5. If unable to extend arena by desired amount, try smaller extension. Fix auto_header leak and AMC nailed seg retention. base
1.107 1.107.0 master/...@161216 Post message when a garbage collection starts, saying why. Hot varieties (hi, he) have AVERs, don't gather stats. Fix arena walk when LO pool is present. Mac OS X Intel build. base
1.106 1.106.0 1.106.1 1.106.2 master/...@155174 Split conjoined asserts; fix build failures; add basic example code. No functional changes to MPS implementation code. base
1.105 1.105.0 master/...@144829 Version for Configura (DLL). base
1.104 1.104.0 master/...@64984 Version for Configura (bug fix in mps_arena_unsafe_expose_remember_protection). base
1.103 1.103.0 master/...@64253 Version for Configura (mps_arena_unsafe_expose_remember_protection). base
1.102 1.102.0 master/...@63087 Version for Configura (mps_arena_expose). base
1.101 Unknown master/...@51907 Version for Configura (mps_arena_has_addr improvements). base
1.100 1.100.0 1.100.1 master/...@30258 First open source version. base

A. References

[RB 1999-05-20] "Product Quality through Change Management"; Richard Brooksby; Geodesic Systems; 1999-05-20; <URL:>.

B. Document History

2002-06-17 RB Created based on P4DTI document.
2002-06-18 RB Added version 1.100. Added release 1.100.0.
2002-06-21 NB Added release 1.100.1.
2004-03-05 DRJ Added versions 1.101 through to 1.104.
2005-09-30 RHSK Registered version 1.105; added version 1.106.
2006-02-16 RHSK Noted release 1.106.1 in version 1.106.
2006-04-11 RHSK Noted release 1.106.2 in version 1.106; updated summary of version 1.106.
2006-12-13 RHSK Registered version 1.107.
2007-07-06 RHSK Registered version 1.108, and release 1.108.0.
2008-01-07 RHSK Noted release 1.108.1 in version 1.108.
2008-05-01 RHSK Noted release 1.108.2 in version 1.108.
2010-03-04 RHSK Registered version 1.109, and release 1.109.0.
2010-03-23 RHSK Registered release 1.109.1.
2013-06-04 RB Registering release 1.110.0, version 1.111, and release 1.111.0.
2014-01-13 GDR Registered version 1.112 and release 1.112.0.
2014-03-18 GDR Registered version 1.113 and release 1.113.0.