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Perforce Defect Tracking Integration Project

P4DTI Contributions

Richard Brooksby, Ravenbrook Limited, 2001-03-29

1. Introduction

This document catalogues contributions to the P4DTI project made by other people or organizations [GDR 2000-10-16, 12]. Contributions include:

Please note that contributions are not maintained or supported by Ravenbrook Limited or Perforce Software. They are made available in the hope that they will be useful, and are not guaranteed in any way.

This document will be modified as contributions are made to the project.

The readership of this document is anyone using or interested in adapting or extending the P4DTI.

This document is not confidential.

2. Contributions

2.1. Integration with Bugzilla for Windows

Parrus Technologies provided a partial port of the P4DTI to Bugzilla for Windows. This has been integrated into the master P4DTI sources here at Ravenbrook and is available from version 1.5 onwards.

A. References

[GDR 2000-10-16] "Perforce Defect Tracking Integration Integrator's Guide"; Gareth Rees; Ravenbrook Limited; 2000-10-16.

B. Document History

2001-03-29 RB Created placeholder for references from [GDR 2000-10-16].
2002-11-07 RB Added P4DTI for Windows port.

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