P4DTI issue job000261

TitleBugzilla patch and text files are missing from the RPM installation
Assigned userNick Barnes
DescriptionThe RPM for Linux doesn't include the Bugzilla patch file, readme.txt, release-notes.txt, or license.txt files. The Bugzilla patch file is critical, as Bugzilla integration won't work without it.
AnalysisAdd these files to the p4dti.spec so that they appear in the RPM. They should all go in the "/opt/p4dti" directory. RB 2001-03-20
Move everything to /opt/p4dti rather than /opt/p4dti/bin, so that there is a single installation directory, as for the "tar" and "zip" installations, for consistency with the documentation. RB 2001-03-20
How foundmanual_test
EvidenceNB discovered during testing of release 1.0.4.
Observed in1.0.4
Introduced in1.0.0
Created byRichard Brooksby
Created on2001-03-20 13:44:40
Last modified byGareth Rees
Last modified on2001-12-10 19:31:59
History2001-03-20 RB Created.


Change Effect Date User Description
10303 closed 2001-03-20 14:07:23 Nick Barnes Fix typo here.
10299 open 2001-03-20 13:53:56 Nick Barnes Make sure everything goes into the RPM.