P4DTI issue job000323

TitleIf you use "python -G" to run the P4DTI you don't get so much error checking
Assigned userNick Barnes
DescriptionIf you run the P4DTI using the -G (optimize) option to Python, then a lot of error checking is turned off.
AnalysisThis is because the -G option causes 'assert' statements to be ignored. We should use something other than 'assert' to catch runtime errors.
How foundinspection
Observed in1.1.1
Created byGareth Rees
Created on2001-05-17 16:48:32
Last modified byNick Barnes
Last modified on2018-07-05 17:27:38
History2001-05-17 GDR Created.
       2018-07-05 NB Suspended because the P4DTI is obsolete.