Perforce Defect Tracking Integration Project

Perforce Defect Tracking Integration Manager's Guide

Richard Brooksby, Ravenbrook Limited, 2000-10-16

1. Introduction

This is the Perforce Defect Tracking Integration 0.5 Manager's Guide. It explains how the integration will affect your organization, and the management decisions that you'll need to make to install it.

Warning: The Perforce Defect Tracking Integration version 0.5 is beta test software, only intended for use during the beta program of the project. The software will be defective. We recommend that you do not rely on the integration in your organization. The integration may destroy your data. See the project web site <> for information about planned releases. We are very interested in your feedback on the beta. Please write to

2. Who will install the product

[Section not written yet. LMB 2000-10-15]

3. Who will configure the product

[Section not written yet. LMB 2000-10-15]

3.1. Configuration decisions

[Section not written yet. LMB 2000-10-15]

4. Who will administer the product

[Section not written yet. LMB 2000-10-15]

4.1. Resolving conflicts

[Section not written yet. LMB 2000-10-15]

5. Who will maintain the product

[Section not written yet. LMB 2000-10-15]

6. Training

[Section not written yet. LMB 2000-10-15]


  1. We need to give advice to the person doing resolution of conflicts/exceptions. They need to do a good job. What advice can we give them? [GDR 2000-10-23, item 7] RB 2000-11-20

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