Imported Materials

1. Introduction

This document catalogues the external material imported to the Memory Pool System project. Imported materials are documents and other files which did not originate within the project, such as vendor API documentation.

This document will be modified as new materials are imported.

The readership of this document is anyone interested in the project.

This document is not confidential. Some of the materials referenced from this document may be confidential or subject to copyright or not redistributable for some other reason.

2. Imported Materials

[Global Graphics 2001-08-13] "Memory Management RCS files"; Global Graphics 2001-08-13.
[Global Graphics 2001-09-17] "Memory Management Documentation"; Global Graphics 2001-09-17.
[Global Graphics 2001-09-27] "Memory Management Information Database"; Global Graphics 2001-09-27.
[GlobalGraphics 2001-11-05] "Memory Management Product Evolution Database"; Global Graphics, 2001-11-05.
[Jones 2001-04-05] "NETWORK: Memory Management; Case for Support"; Richard Jones 2001-04-05.
[Perforce 1999] "RCS-to-Perforce conversion script"; Perforce 1999.
[Lua 2000-11-06] "Lua 4.0"; Lua 2000-11-06.
[Lua 2004-03-17] "Lua 5.0.2"; Lua 2004-03-17.
[Parrot 2004-10-09] "Parrot 0.1.1"; Parrot 2004-10-09.
[RichardBrooksby 2006-05-11] "Simple Scheme"; RichardBrooksby 2006-05-11.
[JSPR 2006-05-14] "Boost.Jam Build Example"; Jorge Suit Perez Ronda 2006-05-14.
[CMUCL 2006-11-23] "CMUCL release 19d"; CMUCL; 2006-11-23.
[SQLite 2013-01-09] "SQLite"; SQLite 2013-01-09.

A. References

[RB 2000-06-16] "Re: Checking in supporting documents" (e-mail message); Richard Brooksby; Ravenbrook Limited; 2000-06-16 10:38:49 GMT.

B. Document History

2001-08-13 NDL Created. Added Perforce's RCS conversion script.
2001-08-13 NB Added Lua 4.0
2001-08-13 NDL Added MM sources.
2001-08-22 NB Added MM network case for support
2001-09-25 NDL Added link to MM documentation.
2001-10-08 NDL Added MM Info.
2001-12-07 NB added mmprevol database.
2004-12-13 DRJ added Lua 5.0.2 and Parrot 0.1.1.
2006-05-12 RHSK added reference to RB's simple-scheme
2006-05-15 RB Added [JSPR 2006-05-14].
2013-01-29 NB Added [SQLite 2013-01-09].