Issues newly fixed in MPS release 1.108.0

Job Priority Title
job001147 essential MPS on OS X needs a protection module in order to be faster
job001548 essential MPS assertion in trace.c: RefSetSub(ss.unfixedSummary, SegSummary(seg))
job001556 optional MPS defect in BS_IS_SINGLE could make some checks ineffective
job001569 nice MPS lacks internal documentation for Shield abstraction
job001617 essential MPS Intel Mac OS X fails to compile: amsss.c
job001618 essential Stack Scanner for Linux and FreeBSD is not shared.
job001619 essential OS X Intel needs stack scanner.
job001622 essential Client can't multithread on OS X.
job001624 essential MPS doesn't build on FreeBSD 5.5
job001637 essential Linux build fails.
job001658 essential Finalization messages are unnecessarily delayed.