Issues newly fixed in MPS release 1.111.0

Job Priority Title
job000539 essential Some external symbols are missing from the reference manual
job000540 essential Reference manual symbol coverage needs reorganizing
job000541 essential Reference manual needs subject sections
job000542 essential No MPS user manual
job000677 nice Insufficient stuff has been converted from MMinfo to Ravenbrook Project repository
job001096 essential The MPS is not a Windows DLL
job001154 essential MPS documentation gives no guidance for when client wants foreign code to use mps-allocated memory
job001156 optional MPS cannot queue a message when a weak thing goes away
job001360 nice Configura cannot efficiently use SEH.
job001639 optional Configura would like "control over finalization promptness"
job001665 essential Weakness is not well documented.
job001669 essential Developers can't debug MPS on OS X.
job001785 essential Unclear whether base or client pointer passed to pad method of format auto-header
job001935 essential MPS DLL link error: mps_arena_vm_growth is not exported
job002206 nice MPS some internal tests leave arena parked after mps_arena_collect()
job003315 nice mps.h defines the macro MPS_T_WORD
job003316 optional User guide doesn't explain how to choose object format alignment
job003317 optional Requirements for fixing tagged references are unclear
job003320 optional mps_arena_step unclamps the arena
job003321 optional Private symbols in mps.h are missing underscores
job003329 optional Purpose of mps_alert_collection_set is unclear
job003330 optional Unclear which threads need to call mps_tramp
job003331 optional eventcnv appears to hang if you specify a small bucket size
job003332 optional eventcnv outputs an empty bucket when you specify a bucket size
job003333 optional eventcnv produces bogus output if you pass -b but not -e
job003334 optional eventcnv output has bogus timestamp on totals row in CSV format
job003335 optional eventcnv's bucket aggregation is broken
job003337 optional Example Scheme interpreter crashes in append
job003338 optional Example Scheme interpreter does not finalize ports
job003340 optional MPS_TELEMETRY_CONTROL=65535 is ugly and not future-proof
job003342 nice mps_arena_unsafe functions are bogus
job003343 nice Documentation could say more about meaning of result codes
job003349 optional Unclear what mps_SEH functions are for
job003356 essential Assertion in SegSetGrey when using AMCZ
job003367 essential Can't run tests via "make test"
job003368 optional MFS has no public interface
job003386 optional Telemetry control interface is poorly designed
job003412 critical Assertion failure in TraceScanAreaMasked on Linux
job003413 nice Typos in documentation, comments
job003414 essential No test case for multi-threaded stack scanning
job003430 essential Can't run test suite on OS X
job003431 optional Hard to tell which test case failed
job003432 essential amcsshe test failure
job003433 essential mpsicv test failure
job003434 essential Incorrect glossary link from "committed" to "mapping"
job003436 essential awlut test failure
job003438 nice arena->serial is always 0
job003440 essential amcss test failure
job003445 optional MPS docs don't link to live project site
job003450 optional No build procedure for manual
job003454 optional Ramp use can break generation chain with bad performance consequences
job003470 optional Test program qs.c fails to compile on Ubuntu 10.04
job003472 optional Test output always goes to mps-XXXXXX.log on some platforms
job003473 essential MPS doesn't build on FreeBSD 9.1