Issues newly fixed in MPS release 1.113.0

Job Priority Title
job000546 essential MPS docs say P4DTI instead of MPS
job000602 essential Mac OS X 10.2 build fails because "cabs" is already defined
job000668 essential Build procedure uses p4 counter change which is unsafe
job000973 essential MPS doesn't compile under Mac OS X 10.3.4
job001367 essential MPS lacks walkthrough example code (aka "hello-world") for beginners
job001369 nice MPS proc/release-build omits step: update main MPS index page
job001688 nice AMC repeatedly allocates and initialises identical SegPrefs
job003326 nice Purpose of mps_arena_class_vmnz is unclear
job003385 essential Performance is poor in large address space on OS X
job003434 essential Incorrect glossary link from "committed" to "mapping"
job003520 optional MVT assertion gcseg->buffer == NULL in djbench
job003522 optional PoolFix is on the critical path but contains checks
job003654 essential Bit table scanning on segment allocation is not scalable
job003666 essential Design documents have formatting errors
job003667 optional Locus stress test only gets run on Windows
job003670 optional Chains not generalized across pools
job003672 optional MVT attempts to free a segment with a buffer attached
job003675 optional Can't build manual with Python 3
job003676 optional Scheme example has warnings and errors in Xcode
job003677 essential Keyword arguments not robust against user error
job003697 essential Incorrect result code sometimes returned when commit limit is hit
job003700 essential Memory returned to operating system too eagerly