Issues newly fixed in MPS release 1.116.0

Job Priority Title
job003344 nice Purpose of allocation frames/SNC pool class are unclear
job003484 nice MPS has predictable address space layout
job003502 nice Race condition in EventInit()
job003535 nice Thread suspension interface is hacky, error-prone
job003559 nice Multiple thread registration does not work on all platforms
job003738 nice Assertion in mps_arena_formatted_objects_walk if you have an AMS pool
job003794 optional Hard to predict the mortality in a generation
job003877 nice MMQA test function/148.c failure
job003879 optional SNC not tested by main test suite
job003882 optional sncss test failure
job003883 optional SNC walks and scans dead objects
job003884 essential mps_pool_free_size wrong for AWL, LO in hot variety
job003911 essential Can't dump stack from assertion handler
job003925 nice No test case for removing chunks from the arena
job003951 essential clean-up after assertion failure may fail re-entering the MPS
job003961 optional Regular testing omits the Scheme example
job003971 essential No automatic feedback about overheads of "hot" versus "rash" MPS
job003986 optional STATISTIC_DECL has rotted
job003994 essential MPS_TELEMETRY_CONTROL may introduce security risks
job003997 optional Can't run MMQA test suite on Windows
job004000 optional MPS condemns too many segments and takes too long to find them
job004006 essential CVM postmortem debugging support is not properly integrated into the MPS
job004007 essential Policy gets stuck when buffers exceed capacity of generation
job004011 essential Policy gets stuck when the live set triggers the dynamic criterion
job004012 nice No function SegHasBuffer
job004017 optional MVFF is slow in the hot variety
job004018 essential Documentation (and test cases) are wrong about mps_collections
job004020 nice Running and debugging MMQA test cases is laborious
job004021 essential Computed chunk size assertion may fail
job004026 essential Failed shield assertions with DEEP checking
job004028 optional fotest fails with DEEP checking
job004029 essential mpsicv fails with DEEP checking
job004036 essential Assertion failure in RootCheck with root of type RootTHREAD
job004037 essential Compilation of apss.c fails with GCC 6.1
job004038 nice Hard to keep "Common assertions" up to date
job004039 nice Mistakes and omissions in the manual
job004040 essential Use of uninitialized variable in ProtThreadRegister on XC
job004041 essential Assertion failure in fotest on ananll
job004042 essential Assertion failure in apss on w3i3mv
job004043 essential Assertion failure in apss on xci3ll
job004044 essential MMQA function/150.c fails in hot variety on lii6ll
job004045 optional MMQA test suite fails on FreeBSD
job004046 optional Assertion failure in ananmv
job004049 essential Allocation between whiten and reclaim/detach is not accounted as condemned