MPS issue job001157

Title[INVALID] variety white-hot has asserts; hot has none
Assigned userRichard Kistruck
Description[INVALID] variety white-hot has asserts; hot has none (we suspect; not yet categorically confirmed).
Analysis[INVALID] this bug was never present; see analysis below. RHSK 2005-10-11
Related bugs:
  Note that the Variety system needs rethink, see job001158
  Macros CHECK, CHECK_NONE, and CheckNONE are badly named, see job001248

This should be simple to confirm and fix.

RHSK 2005-10-07
Which platform was DRJ looking at? Check comm.gmk, then check commpre/post.nmk.
 $VARIETY -> $CFxx = /DCONFIG_VAR_xx /D[nil/NDEBUG] ...

 assume CONFIG_VAR_Hx:
 (line 32ff, from +CONFIG_VAR_Hx)
 (line 49, from -CONFIG_ASSERT)

 (line 32ff, from +CONFIG_VAR_Wx)
 (line 49, from -CONFIG_ASSERT)
 (line 277, from +CONFIG_PROD_MPS)
 (line 301, from -CHECK_DEFAULT)

   In white-hot, +CHECK_NONE will (check.h) make all AVERs and CHECKs (but not CHECKT) be compiled away to DISCARD(). So even though white-hot MPS defines CheckSHALLOW, it should not have any assert code.

   In hot, +CHECK_NONE similarly makes AVERs and CHECKs compile away to nothing. It defines CHECK_DEFAULT=CheckNONE, but that has no effect. (See check.h).

   So, I think this job is a false alarm. I will check actual output first though. RHSK 2005-10-07.

RHSK 2005-10-11
I have not checked binaries, but agreed with DRJ that his only evidence was config.h.
DRJ concurs with the above analysis of config.h.
So: this was never a bug.
How foundunknown
EvidenceDRJ looked, [at config.h -RHSK], 2005-02-25.
Raw notes from Configura workshop <>.
Observed in1.105.0
Introduced in1.105.0
Created byRichard Kistruck
Created on2005-03-10 03:19:28
Last modified byRichard Kistruck
Last modified on2005-10-11 11:31:30
History2005-03-10 RHSK create
2005-10-07 RHSK start analysis
2005-10-07 RHSK looking at code suggests this is a false alarm; need to check binaries.
2005-10-11 RHSK did not check binaries, but agreed with DRJ that his only evidence was config.h.
2005-10-11 RHSK INVALID: was never a bug. Created job001248 to fix confusing macro names.


Change Effect Date User Description
155333 closed 2005-10-11 11:30:23 Richard Kistruck MPS: empty-change to config.h, to close invalid job001157 (was never a bug)