Memory Pool System Product Procedures

author Richard Brooksby
confidentiality public
date 2002-06-18
organization Ravenbrook Limited
revision //

1. Introduction

This document lists the procedures which are applied to the product sources of the Memory Pool System project. (Compare with the procedures which govern the *project*.)

This document will be updated as new procedures are created.

The readership of this document is anyone developing or extending the product sources.

This document is not confidential.

2. Procedures

branch-merge Branching and merging for development.
release-build Build product releases from the sources.
version-create Create a new MPS version branch.

A. References

B. Document History

2002-06-18 RB Created based on P4DTI document.
2005-09-30 RHSK Added version-create and release-configura.
2008-01-07 RHSK Added release-experimental.
2012-09-05 RB Removed release-experimental, no longer needed to work with Configura.
2012-09-13 RB Removed release-configura, now maintained on a custom mainline.
2014-01-13 GDR Added branch-merge.