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Perforce Defect Tracking Integration Project

Development branches

Gareth Rees, Ravenbrook Limited, 2000-09-05

1. Introduction

This document lists the development branches for the Perforce Defect Tracking Integration project. Development branches are branches that don't have a formally defined purpose (unlike, say, version branches). See [RB 2000-09-05] for the decision on the location and naming of these branches.

This document will be modified as new branches are created.

The readership of this document is anyone interested in the project.

This document is not confidential.

2. Development branches

Branch Purpose Status
2000-09-05/interface-debugging/ Debugging an access violation in the Python interface to TeamTrack. suspended (resulted in change 2143 but this was not merged)
2000-09-13/demo-debugging/ Debugging version 0.2 in order to demonstrate it at the Perforce User Conference 2000. suspended (resulted in change 2296 but this was not merged)
2000-09-19/outlining-manuals/ Creating draft outlines of manuals (User's Guide and System Administrator's Guide). merged by changelist 3293
2000-10-26/perforce-alpha/ Installing, configuring, and debugging version 0.3 at Perforce Software as part of the alpha programme [RB 2000-11-04]. merged by changelist 3913
2000-10-30/mahi-alpha/ Installing, configuring, and debugging version 0.3 at Mahi Networks as part of the alpha programme [RB 2000-11-04]. merged by changelist 3988
2000-11-01/quokka-alpha/ Installing, configuring, and debugging version 0.3 at Quokka Sports as part of the alpha programme [RB 2000-11-04]. merged by changelist 4147
2000-11-08/re-architecting/ Re-architecting to make Perforce and defect tracker treatment more symmetrical and improve abstraction, in order to reduce errors due to assumptions about configuration [RB 2000-11-08]. suspended [RB 2000-11-16] but merged by changelist 4893 and changelist 4992
2000-11-14/bugzilla/ Initial development of integration with Bugzilla. merged by changelist 5096
2000-11-27/auto-config/ Developing automatic configuration for TeamTrack, to fix job000041. merged by changelist 5101
2000-11-29/bugzilla-resolution/ Replicating Bugzilla 'resolution' field, to fix job000091. merged by changelist 5369
2000-12-01/no-conflicts/ Developing a conflict resolution policy that will eliminate conflicts, and so remove the role of the resolver, to fix job000102. merged by changelist 5389
2000-12-01/manual-reorg/ Re-organizing the manual outlines (now that we have most of the material) in perparation for the beta release. merged by changelist 5423
2000-12-06/manual-reorg/ Re-organizing the user's guide outline to make more sense in terms of user tasks. merged by changelist 5611
2000-12-07/document-history/ Adding document history section to source code, to fix job000143. merged by changelist 5671
2000-12-08/config-reorg/ Re-organizing and simplifying the configuration parameter code. merged by changelist 6176
2000-12-18/manual-prep/ Preparing the manuals for conversion to FrameMaker format by Perforce Software. merged by changelist 8397
2001-01-16/new-teamshare-api/ Building the Python interface to TeamTrack using the new (2001-01) TeamShare API. merged by changelist 7949
2001-02-05/lycos-beta/ Fixing bugs in P4DTI release 0.4.2 at Lycos, Inc as part of the beta programme. suspended
2001-02-12/start-date-2/ Fixing job000189: adding a start date parameter. merged by changelist 8360
2001-02-14/teamtrack-4506/ Making the P4DTI work with TeamTrack build 4506. merged by changelist 8482
2001-02-21/teamtrack-4507/ Making the P4DTI work with TeamTrack build 4507. merged by changelist 8858
2001-03-12/integration-kit/ Developing the P4DTI Integration Kit. merged by changelist 10482 and changelist 10525
2001-04-20/migrate-bugzilla/ Migrating from Perforce to Bugzilla. Some beta-test releases made from this branch. suspended; work moved to 2001-08-07/migrate-bugzilla by changelist 14766
2001-05-15/capacity/ Investigate and resolve the capacity problems with TeamTrack. merged by changelist 12701
2001-05-17/teamtrack-5/ Making the P4DTI work with TeamTrack 5.0 beta. merged by changelist 13794
2001-08-07/migrate-bugzilla/ Migrating from Perforce to Bugzilla, making new Bugzilla bugs, etc. merged by changelist 22964
2001-11-05/nt-service/ Implementing NT service. merged by changelist 23875
2001-11-22/bugzilla-parameters/ Implementing storage and retrieval of Bugzilla parameters and fixing job000352. merged by changelist 25996
2001-11-28/bugzilla-extra-fields/ Supporting fields in a Perforce jobspec which do not match any existing field in Bugzilla. experiment abandoned
2002-10-07/teamshare-licenses/ Updating licenses in TeamTrack databases and other tasks to get automatic tests running again for TeamTrack. experiment abandoned
2002-10-11/bugzilla-win32/ Providing full support for Bugzilla under Windows, in particular automated tests and documentation. partly integrated into version/1.5
2005-03-02/agena-extension/ Providing extensions for Agena Limited. Deployed at Agena
2008-05-06/unicode/ Enabling replication of non-ASCII data. under development

A. References

[RB 2000-09-05] "Re: Location for development branches" (e-mail message); Richard Brooksby; Ravenbrook Limited; 2000-09-05 11:41:30 GMT.
[RB 2000-11-04] "Perforce Defect Tracking Integration Alpha Programme Report"; Richard Brooksby; Ravenbrook Limited; 2000-11-04.
[RB 2000-11-08] "Replicator architecture design discussion, 2000-11-01/02" (e-mail message); Richard Brooksby; Ravenbrook Limited; 2000-11-08.
[RB 2000-11-16] "Re: Replicator architecture design discussion, 2000-11-01/02" (e-mail message); Richard Brooksby; Ravenbrook Limited; 2000-11-16.

B. Document History

2000-09-05 GDR Created based on [RB 2000-09-05].
2000-10-04 RB Added 2000-09-13/demo-debugging/ and 2000-09-19/outlining-manuals/.
2000-10-27 RB Added 2000-10-26/perforce-alpha/.
2000-10-30 RB Added 2000-10-30/mahi-alpha/.
2000-11-01 RB Added 2000-11-01/quokka-alpha/.
2000-11-07 RB Added references to alpha programme report [RB 2000-11-04].
2000-11-14 RB Added 2000-11-08/re-architecting/ and 2000-11-01/quokka-alpha/.
2000-11-16 RB Added "status" column so that people can tell what happened to the branches in the end. Added justification for decisions made on re-architecting branch.
2000-11-27 GDR Added 2000-11-27/auto-config/.
2000-12-01 RB Added 2000-12-01/manual-reorg/. Updated entries for earlier branches. Inverted nesting "a" and "code" tags.
2000-12-01 GDR Added 2000-12-01/no-conflicts/, updated the statuses of some branches.
2000-12-04 NB Added 2000-11-29/bugzilla-resolution/.
2000-12-05 RB Merged 2000-12-01/manual-reorg/.
2000-12-06 RB Added 2000-12-06/manual-reorg/.
2000-12-07 RB Merged 2000-12-06/manual-reorg/.
2000-12-07 GDR Added 2000-12-07/document-history/.
2000-12-08 RB Added 2000-12-08/config-reorg/.
2000-12-18 RB Added 2000-12-18/manual-prep/.
2000-12-18 NB Merged 2000-12-08/config-reorg/.
2001-01-16 GDR Added 2001-01-16/new-teamshare-api/.
2001-02-05 GDR Added 2001-02-05/lycos-beta/.
2001-02-12 GDR Added 2001-02-12/start-date-2/.
2001-02-13 GDR Gave merge information for 2001-01-16/new-teamshare-api/ and 2001-02-12/start-date-2/.
2001-02-13 RB Merged 2000-12-18/manual-prep/.
2001-02-14 GDR Added and merged 2001-02-14/teamtrack-4506/. Gave merge information for 2000-12-07/document-history/.
2001-02-21 GDR Added and merged 2001-02-21/teamtrack-4507/.
2001-03-11 GDR Added 2001-03-12/integration-kit/.
2001-04-20 NB Added 2001-04-20/migrate-bugzilla/.
2001-04-20 GDR Merged 2001-03-12/integration-kit/.
2001-05-15 GDR Added 2001-05-15/capacity/.
2001-05-17 GDR Added 2001-05-17/teamtrack-5/.
2001-05-19 GDR Merged 2001-05-15/capacity/.
2001-07-03 GDR Merged 2001-05-17/teamtrack-5/.
2001-08-07 GDR Added 2001-08-07/migrate-bugzilla/.
2001-10-04 GDR Suspended 2001-04-20/migrate-bugzilla/ and merged 2001-08-07/migrate-bugzilla/.
2001-11-05 NDL Added 2001-11-05/nt-service/.
2001-11-09 NDL Merged 2001-11-05/nt-service/.
2001-11-22 NDL Added 2001-11-22/bugzilla-parameters/.
2001-11-28 NB Added 2001-11-28/bugzilla-extra-fields/.
2002-01-21 GDR Merged 2001-11-22/bugzilla-parameters/.
2002-04-12 NB Fixed URL typo.
2002-10-07 FAI Added 2002-10-07/teamshare-licenses/.
2002-10-11 FAI Added 2002-10-11/bugzilla-win32/ .
2005-03-02 RB Added 2005-03-02/agena-extension/.

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