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Perforce Defect Tracking Integration Project

Richard Brooksby, Ravenbrook Limited, 2000-05-24

Quick Q&A

What? A project to integrate Perforce with defect trackers.
Which? TeamTrack, Bugzilla, and an SDK for others.
Why? To meet customer demand and help Perforce succeed / Perforce Software succeed.
How? By replicating information between Perforce jobs and defect records.
When? The software has been released.
Where? From Perforce Software or TeamShare.
Who? Ravenbrook, engaged by Perforce, in co-operation with TeamShare
Now read on.

1. Introduction

This is the project document for the Perforce Defect Tracking Integration Project. This document will be updated as the project develops to provide an index to all the project materials, and an overview of the project, its status, and so on. It's the starting point for anyone interested in the project, and a document to read to check on the project's progress.

The readership of this document is anyone interested in the project.

This document is not confidential.

2. Project Overview

This is a project to improve Perforce Software's fast Software Configuration Management system by integrating it with third party defect tracking systems.

Ravenbrook have produced two complete integrations with third party tools (TeamTrack by TeamShare and Bugzilla), and also an integration kit which can be used to integrate with any defect tracker, so that people can (for example) integrate with their home brewed systems, or defect tracking vendors can add Perforce to their list of integrations. The Bugzilla integrations and the kit are available free of charge from Perforce Software. The TeamTrack integration is available free of charge from TeamShare.

Ravenbrook continue to maintain and develop the P4DTI Bugzilla integration and kit for Perforce Software. The TeamTrack integration is now maintained and developed by TeamShare.

Just to make it clear: this is not a defect tracker. It's an integration of Perforce SCM with other people's defect trackers. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions for more details on this and other questions.

Ravenbrook is an independent software engineering consultancy engaged by Perforce Software. We work closely with the Perforce team.


The latest supported release of the software is freely downloadable from the P4DTI section of the Perforce Public Depot.

4. Project Status

This section was updated on 2003-08-22.

4.1. Previously

Perforce announced the P4DTI with a press release and product information page. The software itself is available from its own page in the Perforce Public Depot (2001-03).

The TeamTrack integration is now supported and maintained by TeamShare.

4.2. Currently

The TeamTrack integration is no longer supported by Perforce Software. The Bugzilla integration and the integration kit will continue to be supported by Perforce Software, and maintained and developed by Ravenbrook.

4.3. Next

We will continue to maintain the P4DTI, and provide backup to Perforce support. We are also available for consultation on developing other integrations based on the open source integration kit.

These project pages will remain visible for those who want insight into the project itself.

5. Project Tree

The project is arranged to use a change management process as outlined in [RB 1999-05-20]. The project tree is stored in a Perforce repository (naturally). We are using Perforce jobs as a defect tracking system for the project itself, and replicating these to the other defect trackers for testing, so that we get to eat our own dog food.

goal/ Project goals
req/ Project requirements
plan/ Project plan
faq/ Frequently Asked Questions about the project
import/ Material imported from outside the project.
doc/ Project documents: reports, meeting notes, etc.
master/ Master product sources: design, code, manuals, procedures, tests, tools
branch/ Development branches.
version/ Product version source branches (branched from master): 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 2.0, etc.
release/ Product releases (built from version sources): 1.3.3, 1.4.2, 1.5.3, 2.0.0, etc.
issue/ Issues with the project and its products: job000001, etc.
procedure/ Procedures governing the project: design documentation, etc.
term/ Glossary of project terms: DT, DTC, P4DPI, P4S, etc.
tool/ Tools for managing the project (but not for development, building, or testing; these tools belong in master/tool/).
contrib/ Contributions to the P4DTI made by other people or organizations.

6. Project Contacts

The P4DTI is now a supported product. For support, please contact Perforce Technical Support.

If you have questions about the project please write to p4dti-questions@ravenbrook.com

If you have a comment on the project, you can write to p4dti-comments@ravenbrook.com

You can also join the p4dti-discussion mailing list if you are interested in project progress, or if you're adapting or extending the P4DTI. The goals of the list are:

  1. to provide feedback to the project on requirements, design, implementation, etc.;
  2. to allow people to exchange information and experience with using and adapting the project;
  3. to keep people informed about project progress.

To join, go to <http://mailman.ravenbrook.com/mailman/listinfo/p4dti-discussion> or send a message with the word "subscribe" in the body to p4dti-discussion-request@ravenbrook.com or send the word "help" for general information.

Please note that the mailing list will be archived and the archive may be published.

A. References

[RB 1999-05-20] "Product Quality through Change Management"; Richard Brooksby; Geodesic Systems; 1999-05-20; <URL: http://richard.brooksby.org/1999/05/20/pqtcm/>.

B. Document History

2000-05-24 RB Created based on draft project tree design for change management.
2000-05-25 RB Removed CSS dependency. Added licence. Wrote overview text, status, and contact information.
2000-05-30 RB Added FAQ section and feedback addresses.
2000-06-21 RB Added link to glossary of project terms.
2000-07-26 GDR Brought project status up to date.
2000-08-10 RB Moved the project plan into its own document so that it can be referenced and maintained.
2000-08-22 RB Added information about the p4dti-discussion mailing list.
2000-08-30 RB Updated with the news from our recent trip to visit TeamShare and Perforce, our current activity, and our immediate plans.
2000-10-05 RB Added project procedures.
2000-10-17 RB Updated some parts of the introduction to bring them into the present tense. Improved the navigation in the project tree. Added the "Quick Q&A" for the impatient.
2000-11-16 RB Updated status section for period between alpha and beta.
2000-12-05 RB Added version 0.4 to versions.
2000-12-11 RB Released 0.4.2 (TeamTrack) as public beta.
2000-12-13 RB Inserted downloads section.
2000-12-18 RB Release 0.5.1 (Bugzilla) as a public beta.
2001-02-23 RB Updated news to talk about imminent delivery to Perforce. Removed beta release downloads, and directed people at Perforce's web site, in preparation for general release.
2001-03-09 GDR Added issues to project tree.
2001-03-25 RB Updated for P4DTI release by Perforce.
2001-03-29 RB Added contributions section. Added version 1.1.
2001-04-18 RB Updated for P4DTI Integration Kit release.
2001-12-03 GDR Updated project status to cover versions 1.2 and 1.3.
2002-11-07 RB Updated to reflect current project status.
2002-11-14 RB Updated to talk about the TeamTrack integration hand-over.
2003-08-22 DRJ Updated for 2.0.
2004-05-27 RB Pointing mailing list subscription information at Mailman interface.

Copyright © 2000-2003 Ravenbrook Limited. This document is provided "as is", without any express or implied warranty. In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this document. You may make and distribute verbatim copies of this document provided that you do not charge a fee for this document or for its distribution.

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