P4DTI issue job000028

TitleThere are outstanding defects that were found in release 0.3.2
Assigned userRichard Brooksby
DescriptionThere are a lot of issues in reports against release 0.3.2 which have to be dealt with.
How foundmanual_test
EvidenceSee <http://www.ravenbrook.com/project/p4dti/release/> for links to reports.
Observed in0.3.2
Created byRichard Brooksby
Created on2000-10-19 12:54:56
Last modified byGareth Rees
Last modified on2001-12-10 18:57:52
History2000-10-19 RB Entered to capture defects from release 0.3.2.
2000-11-23 RB Closed -- all issues processed.


Change Effect Date User Description
3520 open 2000-10-19 14:29:27 Gareth Rees Fixed defects discovered in release 0.3.2.
3506 closed 2000-10-19 13:02:00 Gareth Rees TeamTrack configuration no longer compiles. This means that you have to do some configuration: you can't just run it by mistake.