P4DTI issue job000071

TitleNo documentation about SourceBridge
Assigned userRichard Brooksby
DescriptionThe integration won't work with SourceBridge, but we don't mention it.
AnalysisWe need to tell people to uninstall it. We also need to explain in the AG and/or UG how to achieve whatever SourceBridge achieved.
How foundmanual_test
Evidence<http://www.ravenbrook.com/project/p4dti/doc/2000-10-23/teamshare-psg-alpha-test/> item 1
Observed in0.3.2
Created byRichard Brooksby
Created on2000-11-23 13:50:03
Last modified byGareth Rees
Last modified on2001-12-10 19:03:15
History2000-11-23 RB Created from sources (see evidence).


Change Effect Date User Description
5171 closed 2000-11-30 13:56:48 Richard Brooksby Added instructions to upgrade users Perforce clients and to stop using TeamShare SourceBridge.