P4DTI issue job000092

TitleLong descriptions aren't replicated by Bugzilla integration
Assigned userNick Barnes
DescriptionIn Bugzilla, bugs have short descriptions (called "Summary" in the web interface) and long descriptions. Each bug may have many long descriptions; they carry a timestamp and are displayed in date order. They also carry user names.
Currently these long descriptions are not replicated. Perhaps they should be; the short description can be too short and/or misleading.
Note that it is not possible to edit or delete long descriptions from the Bugzilla web interface; only to submit new descriptions to be appended.
AnalysisGetting the long descriptions for a bug is easy enough, and they can be squirted into a Description field in Perforce with some sort of structure to separate description records. But replicating a change back from Perforce could be a challenge. We could do it by refusing changes which are not simply additions to the end of the structured Description field (such additions can be handled by adding a long description row). But will this lead to too many failed replications?
It's essential to analyse this and decide whether it's important for users. RB 2000-11-29
How foundinspection
EvidenceI just know.
Introduced in0.5.0
Test procedure<http://www.ravenbrook.com/project/p4dti/master/test/test_p4dti.py>
Created byNick Barnes
Created on2000-11-29 14:47:27
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7052 closed 2001-01-12 16:21:55 Nick Barnes Added longdesc support.