P4DTI issue job000106

TitleMultiple transitions between polls aren't supported
Assigned userRichard Brooksby
DescriptionIf a job goes through several state changes between replicator polls then the replicator won't find a transition to apply (or will find the wrong one). For example, suppose a job goes from, say, "assigned" to "resolved" to "verified" before the replicator gets a look in.
AnalysisWe'd have to do something horrible like finding the shortest path in transitions between the two states and guessing who was involved. Perforce just doesn't record enough state to be able to do anything much about this. But this is an issue for users, and we should at least document it as a limitation, and tell the users not to do things to fast, or to design their workflows so that several steps in Perforce are unlikely or impossible. RB 2000-11-30
How foundinspection
EvidenceCame up in discussion with NB and GDR on 2000-11-30.
Created byRichard Brooksby
Created on2000-11-30 16:36:01
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History2000-11-30 RB Created.


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5261 closed 2000-12-01 16:19:32 Richard Brooksby Explained the multiple transition limitation of the replicator.