P4DTI issue job000152

Title"commenton" parameters not enforced by Bugzilla integration
Assigned userNick Barnes
DescriptionBugzilla has a set of parameters called "commenton" which forces Bugzilla users to enter comments (in the long description) when they do certain things to the bug record. We don't enforce these parameters through the P4DTI. This is not perceived as important.
AnalysisIn more than two years of supporting the P4DTI we have not received a single request (e.g. from Perforce or from any P4DTI user) to add support for these parameters. I conclude that support for them is not very important. [NB 2003-05-19].
How foundinspection
EvidenceNick listed this to me for inclusion in the AG on 2000-12-05.
Introduced in0.5.0
Created byRichard Brooksby
Created on2000-12-13 13:24:43
Last modified byNick Barnes
Last modified on2018-07-05 17:27:24
History2000-12-13 RB Created.
2001-01-18 RB Downgraded to "nice". Upgrade again if requested by users.
2003-05-19 NB Added note on importance.
       2018-07-05 NB Suspended because the P4DTI is obsolete.