P4DTI issue job000160

Title'closed' doesn't map to 'RESOLVED' in the Bugzilla integration
Assigned userNick Barnes
DescriptionThe 'closed' status for Perforce jobs is special: p4 fix without a -s flag will cause a transition to 'closed'. The natural status for this to translate to in Bugzilla is 'RESOLVED': engineers should make bugs RESOLVED when they resolve them. But currently 'closed' in Perforce translates to 'CLOSED' in Bugzilla: to move a bug to 'RESOLVED', Perforce users must do 'p4 fix -s resolved'.
Perforce users will want to move jobs to 'RESOLVED' often but to 'CLOSED' rarely. Using 'p4 fix' without '-s' will usually cause the replicator to reject the update because there are few legal transitions to 'closed'.
AnalysisThe problem is that the status mapping table is generated automatically by downcasing the Bugzilla statuses. This needs to be smarter. 'CLOSED' could map to 'bugzilla_closed'. In any case, 'RESOLVED' needs to map to 'closed'.
How foundinspection
EvidenceI just know.
Introduced in0.5.0
Created byNick Barnes
Created on2000-12-15 15:50:38
Last modified byGareth Rees
Last modified on2001-12-10 19:15:41
History2000-12-15 NB Created.
2001-02-19 GDR Downgraded to optional.


Change Effect Date User Description
7144 closed 2001-01-15 15:20:46 Nick Barnes replicated_fields and closed_state doc for Bugzilla.
7013 closed 2001-01-11 15:00:46 Nick Barnes replicated_fields and closed_state now supported for Bugzilla.
7011 closed 2001-01-11 14:43:29 Nick Barnes Make replicated_fields and closed_state work for Bugzilla. Also change Bugzilla startup so we only open one MySQL connection.