P4DTI issue job000248

TitleChangelist links in TeamTrack go to frame, not whole page
Assigned userGareth Rees
DescriptionIf the changelist_url is set up and working, then if you click on one of the changelist links in the "Perforce fixes" table in TeamTrack, the changelist information shows up in the frame, not filling the whole page. This looks poor, because the TeamTrack look-and-feel is very different from the P4Web look and feel. The P4DTI TeamTrack integration is now maintained and supported by TeamShare <http://www.teamshare.com/>.
AnalysisTeamTrack should use target="top" in the link so that it comes up full screen. (Or else use JavaScript to make it launch in a new window if that's the way things are done in TeamTrack.)
The Integrator's Guide should mention this.
How foundmanual_test
Evidence<http://www.ravenbrook.com/project/p4dt...c/2001-03-05/release-1.0.2-test-report/>, item 5.
Observed in1.0.2
Introduced in0.4.0
Created byGareth Rees
Created on2001-03-05 14:57:42
Last modified byDavid Jones
Last modified on2003-08-19 13:55:14
History2001-03-05 GDR Created.
2003-05-19 NB TeamShare handover.
2003-08-19 DRJ Suspended due to teamshare handover


Change Effect Date User Description
35521 suspended 2002-11-14 13:44:46 Richard Brooksby Removing TeamTrack support from master sources.
Updating project index and FAQ to reflect new TeamTrack situation.