P4DTI issue job000864

TitleChange to fix user not replicated
Assigned userNick Barnes
DescriptionThe P4DTI replicates fix records from Perforce to the defect tracker. For each fix record, it replicates the job/issue, the changelist number, the user and client which created the fix record, the status, and the date. If the status of a fix record changes, this change is replicated to the defect tracker. However, if the other information about the fix record changes, that change is not replicated. In particular, if the fix record's user or client fields change then this is not reflected in the defect tracker. This is not a user-visible bug, because the "Fixes" table in the defect tracker interface shows the user who made the change, not the user who created the fix record.
AnalysisThis is a shortcoming in fixes_differences in replicator.py. Think about user translation problems.
How foundcustomer
Evidence[1] <http://info.ravenbrook.com/mail/2004/02/02/15-27-06/0.txt>
Observed in2.1.0
Created byNick Barnes
Created on2004-02-02 15:29:59
Last modified byNick Barnes
Last modified on2018-07-05 17:28:11
History2004-02-02 NB Created.
       2018-07-05 NB Suspended because the P4DTI is obsolete.