P4DTI issue job000984

TitleP4DTI doesn't work with Bugzilla 2.18rc2
Assigned userNick Barnes
DescriptionThe Bugzilla team have release Bugzilla 2.18rc2 [1], the second "release candidate" for the forthcoming Bugzilla 2.18. The P4DTI must support Bugzilla 2.18, and the best way to ensure this support arrives soon after the Bugzilla 2.18 release itself is to make the integration work with 2.18rc2. Such operation need not be supported by a P4DTI release.
AnalysisUpdate our copy of "Bugzilla 2.18" sources to reflect changes between 2.18rc1 and 2.18rc2. Look through diffs. Test.
How foundinspection
Observed in2.1.2
Introduced in2.1.2
Created byNick Barnes
Created on2004-07-30 17:22:15
Last modified byNick Barnes
Last modified on2004-07-30 17:22:54
History2004-07-30 NB Created.


Change Effect Date User Description
108486 closed 2004-07-28 14:03:41 Nick Barnes Patch our "Bugzilla 2.18" sources to match 2.18rc2.