P4DTI issue job002052

TitleCan't output Unicode content in log messages
Assigned userNick Barnes
DescriptionIf we have Unicode data from either Bugzilla or Perforce, the replicator is unable to log it to the P4DTI log file, the Windows event log, or the Linux/Unix system log, because those systems expect ASCII/8-bit log messages.
AnalysisEncode all messages as UTF-8 prior to output.
How foundautomated_test
EvidenceI just know
Observed in2.4.2
Created byNick Barnes
Created on2009-03-02 16:44:56
Last modified byNick Barnes
Last modified on2009-03-02 16:45:17
History2009-03-02 NB Create.


Change Effect Date User Description
165215 closed 2008-06-05 14:16:15 Nick Barnes Add Unicode translation and fix type assertions to allow unicode objects.