P4DTI issue job002087

TitleAdministrative emails can fail with Unicode data
Assigned userNick Barnes
DescriptionIf the P4DTI has to send an email message regarding a problem encountered while replicating a defect record, and the email message contains Unicode data in particular locations, the email attempt can fail.
Analysisstr(s) fails if s has non-ASCII Unicode characters. Use s.encode('utf8') instead, in a couple of places while constructing email messages.
How foundautomated_test
EvidenceI just know
Observed in2.4.3
Introduced in2.4.3
Test proceduretest_p4dti.py unicode_lifecycle
Created byNick Barnes
Created on2009-04-14 13:20:38
Last modified byNick Barnes
Last modified on2009-04-14 13:27:50
History2009-04-14 NB Created.


Change Effect Date User Description
167771 closed 2009-04-14 12:48:37 Nick Barnes Improve MySQL version detection, Unicode configuration detection, Unicode replication testing, and error handling in the presence of Unicode strings.