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Perforce Defect Tracking Integration Project

P4DTI Project Contributions Procedure

Richard Brooksby, Ravenbrook Limited, 2001-03-07

1. Introduction

This is the procedure for handling contributions to the P4DTI project, as requested by Perforce Software [RB 2001-02-20].

The readership of this document is all Perforce technical staff and Ravenbrook staff.

This document is not confidential.

2. Procedure

A contribution is a change (including an addition) made to the P4DTI by someone other than the maintainer which they would like to be considered for inclusion in the official distribution.

Contributions are likely to arrive via many routes. Perforce, TeamShare, or Ravenbrook staff will forward contributions to p4dti-contrib@ravenbrook.com.

Ravenbrook may seek clarification from the originator before proceeding. For example, Ravenbrook will need to understand the purpose of the change.

Ravenbrook staff will create a job for each contribution, recording (a pointer to) the contribution, who it came from, what requirements it meets.

Ravenbrook will evaluate the contribution.

If the contribution fits within the current scope of P4DTI and is cheap to integrate, Ravenbrook can unilaterally decide to implement it within the P4DTI maintenance budget.

If the contribution is not in scope, or costly, and Ravenbrook believe it should be considered, then they must agree the work to integrate it with Perforce.

The status of a contribution will be kept up to date in the job record, and the job record made visible to the originator of the contribution, and to Perforce (so that they can keep their customers informed without having to ask Ravenbrook).

A. References

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B. Document History

2001-03-07 RB Created from [RB 2001-03-06].

Copyright © 2001 Ravenbrook Limited. This document is provided "as is", without any express or implied warranty. In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this document. You may make and distribute verbatim copies of this document provided that you do not charge a fee for this document or for its distribution.

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