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Perforce Defect Tracking Integration Project

P4DTI Project New Requirement Procedure

Richard Brooksby, Ravenbrook Limited, 2000-11-17

1. Introduction

This procedure describes how new requirements (usually received in e-mail or at meetings) become documented requirements and affect the project plan of the Perforce Defect Tracking Integration project.

This readership of this document is project staff or anyone extending the project.

This document is not confidential.

2. Procedure

The first thing to do is to see if the requirement is already covered by the project requirements. If it is, then all we need to do is explain that (with reference to the requirements) and also go on to explain how the architecture, design, and implementation satisfy those requirements (again, with reference to the documents, if they exist). It might also be worth linking the requirement back to the message, to provide aditional evidence for the requirement.

If it's not covered then we have to make a decision about whether to include his requirement. To do that we must estimate how important the requirement is to the project goals. This has to do with how representative it is of the market requirements, how important the customer is, and so on. At the moment that's a judgement and we should meet and try and work it out.

If we need to change the requirements then we should somehow create a task to do that which creates meeting notes, updates the requirements, records the change in the Perforce log and requirements document history. Then we must create a task to plan how we're going to meet this new requirement. (This means making sure that the architecture, design, and implementation meets that new requirement, or will at some point, if there's a version plan.)

A. References

[RB 2000-07-07] "Re: Perforce Defect Tracking Integration Project" (e-mail message); Richard Brooksby; Ravenbrook Limited; 2000-07-07.

B. Document History

2000-11-17 RB Created based on [RB 2000-07-07].

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