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Perforce Defect Tracking Integration Project

Glossary of Project Terms

Richard Brooksby, Ravenbrook Limited, 2000-06-21

1. Introduction

This is the glossary of the Perforce Defect Tracking Integration Project.

The purpose of the glossary is to allow the use of convenient terms within the project, and to keep such use consistent.

The readership of this document is the same as that of the technical documents in which the terms are used.

This document is not confidential.

2. Glossary

DT Defect Tracker, Defect Tracking System Examples are TeamShare's TeamTrack, Soffront TRACK Defects, Bugzilla
DTC Defect Tracker Client The software which is used to work with the defect tracking system. For example, TechExcel's DevTrack has a DTC which is a Windows program which uses ODBC to communicate with the DTDB. Bugzilla is purely web based, so it's DTC is a web browser.
DTDB Defect Tracking DataBase, Defect Tracking DataBase system Most defect trackers store the defect tracking information in a database of some sort. Some have abstract interfaces which allow them to use any ODBC compliant database (for example, TeamTrack can use Oracle as its DTDB). Some are closely coupled to a particular database (Bugzilla uses MySQL as its DTDB).
DTS Defect Tracking Server, Defect Tracker's Server Defect tracking server or defect tracker's server. If the defect tracking has a client-server architecture (and they all seem to) this refers to the machine on which the server runs. Some defect trackers are just ODBC clients talking to a generic database, in which case the DTS is the DTDB server.
P4 The Perforce SCM Software Perforce Software's fast configuration management system software. We do not use the term P4 to refer to Perforce Software, the company.
P4API Perforce Application Programmer's Interface Interface software provided by Perforce Software to allow application programmers to create their own P4Cs. The P4API is available for download from Perforce's FTP server.
P4C Perforce Client The software which connects to the Perforce server in order to carry out configuration management tasks. The term P4C does not refer to any particular Perforce client. It could be any software which uses the P4API.
P4DTI Perforce Defect Tracking Integration The software which integrates Perforce Software's fast configuration management system (P4) to defect tracking systems (DTs). This project's main output.
P4S Perforce Server The server (also known as the Perforce daemon, or p4d) which manages the Perforce database and file repository and carries out configuration management tasks at the request of Perforce clients (P4Cs).

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B. Document History

2000-06-21 RB Created from draft glossary document.
2000-07-05 RB Flattened glossary into a file to make it less unwieldy to maintain.

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