Memory Pool System Documents

author Richard Brooksby
confidentiality none
date 2002-06-18
organization Ravenbrook Limited
readership anyone
revision //


This document catalogs miscellaneous documents from the Memory Pool System project. The documents are listed in the References section.


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The documents listed here are historical, non-living documents. In other words, they are produced for a particular purpose, delivered, and then left alone. They are not maintained or brought up to date, except perhaps to keep up with changes in document conventions or format, or to make minor corrections.

This document is formatted so that parts of the References section can be copied and pasted into other documents in order to create cross references.


[BB_2002-01-30]"The Memory Pool System: Thirty person-years of memory management development goes Open Source"; Nicholas Barnes, Richard Brooksby; Ravenbrook Limited; 2002-01-30; <>.
[RB_2002-06-18]"The Obsolete Memory Management Information System"; Richard Brooksby; Ravenbrook Limited; 2002-06-18; <>.
[RB_2004-11-09]"Memory Pool System Project Review"; Richard Brooksby; Ravenbrook Limited; 2004-11-09; <>.
[RB_2004-12-01]"Talk for the University of Hertfordshire, 2004-12-01"; Richard Brooksby; Ravenbrook Limited; 2004-12-01; <>.
[RHSK_2005-02-23]"MPS QA Test Harness (MMQA) session with Richard Tucker (rit)"; Richard Kistruck; Ravenbrook Limited; 2005-02-23; <>.
[RHSK_2005-11-30]"MMQA Study (MMQA is a test system for MPS)"; Richard Kistruck; Ravenbrook Limited; 2005-11-30; <>.
[RHSK_2006-05-11]"Telemetry Log Events"; Richard Kistruck; Ravenbrook Limited; 2006-05-11; <>.
[RHSK_2006-12-10]"Bad Behaviour in the MPS"; Richard Kistruck; Ravenbrook Limited; 2006-12-10; <>.
[RHSK_2006-12-18]"Notes on MPS Job001548"; Richard Kistruck; Ravenbrook Limited; 2006-12-18; <>.
[RHSK_2010-11-05]"Memory Pool System Wiki"; Richard Kistruck; Ravenbrook Limited; 2010-11-05; <>.
[DL_2012-09-24]"Buffer sequence points"; David Lovemore; Ravenbrook Limited; 2012-09-24; <>.
[RB_2013-05-23]"Ouroboros Logo for the MPS"; Richard Brooksby; Ravenbrook Limited; 2013-05-23; <>.

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