The Obsolete Memory Management Information System

1. Introduction

This document is an index to the archive of the obsolete Memory Management Information System.

The intended readership of this document is anyone interested in the history of the Memory Pool System, or anyone looking for historical justification of MPS design decisions.

This document is not confidential. Many of the documents contained in the Information System are confidential and may not be visible. We are working to declassify as many as possible.

2. Background

The Memory Management Information System (a.k.a. "MMInfo" or "the Infosys") was a virtual database of all information in the Memory Management Project at Harlequin Limited. It consisted mainly of a real database, implemented in Lotus Notes, plus the source code and other files in the Harlequin source control system, called "Hope".

All information in the system was identified by short strings called tags, and the system was heavily cross referenced. For information about tags, their uses, and the ideas behind the information system, see "Overview of the Memory Management Information System" [RB 1995-08-02]. Very briefly, documents and paragraphs within documents were identified by strings like "req.dylan.alloc".

With the open sourcing of the MPS, we are moving to an XHTML system, but retaining the basic ideas of the Infosys. Indeed, Infosys design and experience influenced the design of the Ravenbrook Information System in which the MPS now resides.

3. The Information System

The Lotus Notes part of the Infosys was divided across four "databases":

Name Description Tags
mminfo/ internal project documentation everything not in other databases
mmdoc/ source material for user manuals*
mmprevol change planning and tracking product.*
mmmail contained a tagged archive of all project e-mail discussions mail.*

A. References

[RB 1995-08-02] "Overview of the Memory Management Information System"; Richard Brooksby; Harlequin Limited; 1995-08-02; overview.infosys

B. Document History

2002-06-18 RB Moved the information system hierarchies out of the master sources and created this document to explain and index them.